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iecon2015でIntelligent Vehicle のSpecial Sessionを提案しました(発表募集).

IECON2015 – Yokohama で立命館大学の和田先生と,デンソーの坂東さんと共にSpecial Sessionの提案をしました.徐々に国内のIV系研究者とつながりを作っていければと思っている昨今です.(IEEE-IV とかに行っても日本人研究者少ないし・・・)

横浜ですので,渡航費はお安いですww. ご興味ありましたら,是非ご投稿くださいませ.

41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Pacifico Yokohama - Yokohama, JAPAN
November 9 - 12, 2015


Special Session on
Vehicle Intelligence for Proactive Assistance (proposed)
organized and co-chaired by:
Takahiro Wada, twada@fc.ritsumei.ac.jp
Takashi Bando, Email takashi_bandou@denso.co.jp
Tadahiro Taniguchi, Email taniguchi@ci.ritsumei.ac.jp

 Call for Papers

Rich sources of signals regarding driving vehicles are available according to the advancement of information and communication technology. Recent information processing technique from them facilitates intelligence of vehicles and enables proactive assistance systems. In this special session,
we particularly encourage papers that focus on understanding driver behaviors and environmental recognition for proactive assistance and information processing technology for them. In addition, papers related to the design methodology of human machine system for proactive assistance are also encouraged.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
1) Estimation and prediction of human driver behaviors and driver states
2) Information processing technique for understanding driver behaviors
3) Advanced driver assistance methods based on understanding driver behaviors
4) Design methodology of proactive assistance system
5) Automated vehicles and self-driving car
6) Other topic related to intelligent vehicle for proactive assistance

Submission of papers: Final Deadline April 15, 2015
All the instructions for paper submission are included in the conference website:

IECON2015 – Yokohama